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Hi nice to meet you my name is Nelcea . A woman over 50. . I have 6 grown children and 14 grand children I keep up with physically. I eat green veggies. It sounds like an AAA meeting intro right? just kidding. I’ve been never to one.

The truth is I haven’t always been able to say I can keep up with my grandchildren or get out of my bed for that matter.Way back in 2011,I was suffering and taking a lot of medications. One day, a Friday I began a blinding piercing head ache which sent me rushing to the ER (emergency care) they in turn gave me pain medicine and sent me back home. This continued for 3 more days piercing head ache, ER, and home during this time they tested me for meningitis and any other reason I could be having these head aches. I passed them all negative.

So one of my children suggested we go to another hospital ER and that’s what we did. Long story short. A cat scan and a MMR showed a subarachnoid hemorrhage( brain Bleed) very tinny.

The brain you know is very particular about  having anything up there it hasn’t approved of, so it begin to shut down for battle stations. After 17 days in intensive care heavily drugged so I could sleep and my brain could,tear down rebuild, mend, and the neurologist explaining why I shouldn’t take those medicines again I began my journey to health.

So the years roll up to now I have learned how to eat. Because I was’not going back on any medicine.

What did I learn? well, no sodium, no bread, no refined white sugars, no processed foods, no fast foods, and no soda pop. Did I cover it all, all the united states staple meal plan. ha ha ha

I didn’t become vegetarian, nothing wrong with that though, however I did limit my protein and carbs getting most form green veggies. I had to go for long walks. I am over 50 so I had to reevaluate my exercise routine. And hey today it has proven to be the best thing for me.


What! You’re over 50?

I love playing the guessing my age game with people they never guess it.

When I realized that I could help others my age and younger to be healthy and live a happier life I became so focused. I have some great support, friends that help with research and we eat a phenomenal green supplement to help with the worlds depleted green veggies.

I cannot put into words the feeling I get when someone has regained control of their life just by eating the right green foods.I feel like I have been given this time , to share with others what I have learned. It has been  life changing.


Let’s eat some Green Veggies

Do you remember as a child, that time when your parent tried to make you eat that green veggie?

What was it?

That’s how I felt when I was told no salt and I was eating bland food. Ugh, yuck. In a week the smell of salt was , everywhere!. I am sure it was all in my head .  I mean can you smell salt?

Okay. You don’t need to worry about eating bland green veggies here. Because we will explore yummy low or no sodium green veggies. You will learned how to cook them correctly so you can preserve their rich vibrant colors and mouth watering flavors.However the most important thing will be what types of powerful green veggies YOU need to get a healthy body full of a reservoir of energy to use on demand.

Green veggies that clarify your mind, no more cloudy thoughts will you see only clear thoughts and take action. I eat Gods green veggies and he saved my life.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Oh yeah i’d love to read what was your most horrible green veggie experience, just for fun.



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