Best green veggies – where to find them?

Hello, you,  how’s it going on your quest to eat healthier ?

I know it can become overwhelming at times. What type of foods you should eat, were to, purchase them. Oh yeah should you get the organic or go for what you can really afford?

Well as you may know from my other blog that I do eat green veggies. I have to admit I do not always buy organic. I go with what my budget dictates to me. Still eating healthier anyway, just not at the optimum or greatest place I’d like to be.

So let’s talk about were we can get the best green veggies.Find Best Green Veggies at Farmers Market

What is your Favorite Green Veggie?

Okay let’s talk about this. You know I do love a moist roasted chicken thigh and leg quarter fresh of the grill. It may have some red bell pepper and yellow squash grilled next to it adding that special flavor you get from any grilled foods. Why not add some onion and garlic to the mix. Oh yeah this meal is starting to kick up some flavors.

Any way those are some of my favorite foods. Really I love a good kale soup with the sausage and cauliflower in it. Better if the sausage is grilled first. I can eat this anytime I want the calories are low and I have the fiber to. Okay I’ll stay on point here.

Start with your favorite foods and add a green veggie that you like. Green beans, broccoli, Spinach, collard greens. I like my greens mixed with others like mustard and kale and turnip. Drop some bacon with garlic and onion in here ooh wee its good!

Have you ever eat food that made you feel happy? Made you hum while you ate or smiled while you ate it; If you have not  you really need some Greens in you life. Maybe you like spicy foods like red peppers now, I’m not talking about the red bell peppers those are not spicy or hot. What I ‘m talking about is those little red-hot peppers, there are some green ones to and black. The Chinese and India peoples have peppers so hot you just look at them and you face will melt off. Just Kidding! I have heard of stories… never mind.

Okay no kidding around you know what foods you like now just add your green veggie you like.


Buying Green Veggies

I go shopping for all my foods through the shopper. You know the shopper has all those coupons on the foods that your local grocery or markets have on sale. But I don’t buy the on sale one. I believe, and this is just my opinion, that those on sale are about to go bad any day and I need time before I go back shop. Am I right?

However, what it does tell me is what is in growing season right at the moment and are fresh and flavorful. I will get the avocados very hard, my leafy ones snappy not limply and my onions not to strong smelling.

Have you ever picked a watermelon and when you got it home cut it open and it was kind of mushy inside? Yeah. Well my tip is to knock on it and make sure it is not so clean looking, it should have that flatter part were  it has sat and soaked up some goodness from the sun and you’ll see those little lines moving out from the bottom on it. Those designs are on Mellon and cantaloupes to, sweet that’s what I say.

Since I go to the grocery most times I get to know the produce manager. That way I know when the fresh stuff is arriving and I can be on top of my fresh food menu. Yeah I make a list of the fresher foods. Time them so I can know when to replace them.

Most leafy veggies you’ll need to replace by 2 weeks avacodos for sure in about a week and if any of your veggies were bought a little on the older side you’ll know in 2-3 days.

Farmers Markets

What about the Farmers Markets? Those are really great places to get your veggies any veggie . The farmers themselves are here and the organic ones are here some times they may have sales . The tip here is that they are all really fresh and you can get 2-3 weeks out of some of your leafy ones before they start to be wimpy.

Farmers markets are on the pricey side of shopping for your green veggies. I highly am recommending them as far as quality goes though.

Health Food Stores

If you live in area were you have a health food store than you could get some really good green veggies here to. They will have a better price than the Farmers market as they will need to move product faster. Although nobody can out quality the Farmers Market but the health food stores are better quality than the regular grocery. You will find that you may be able to buy you organics here especially when they have sales because  sales are not biased on getting ready to go bad veggies but more on moving produce seasonally.

They will entice you to try new veggies that you may not have even new existed. That’s not a bad idea since you are moving into eating more veggie right. You will see them in ready-made packages telling you how to cook them and season them. I have tried something and did’not like it so I took the package back and they refunded my money of course I just bought some old faithful veggie instead.

Health Food Stores are my second recommendation for you.


Lets Shop

So what’s your best green veggie? Well it is what you like. And were to  find it? Any were to they sell Green Veggies, however if you want the best quality and cost you should go to the Farmers Market of your area. And don’t forget to ask your local produce manager about their seasonal fresh produce schedule than compare it to the Farmers market and than go shopping.

I hope this help you decide on what kinds of green veggies to shop for. If you have any questions you can email me and I will answer you quickly.


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  1. In my country, we have markets and vendors all over the place. It’s easy to get a wide variety of green vegetables. My favorite ones are; callaloo, cabbage, pakchoy, and lettuce. I sometimes use kale. I am so full of energy since I started eating my green vegetables and fruits (lots more).

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