Have you ever eaten Micro Green Veggies

Hello , I wanna share something with you. It is about eating Micro Green Veggies. Have you ever eaten Micro Green Veggies?

If so that you will know all about it and if not well you are in for a surprising treat.

We are going to discuss what they are. How good are they for us. Where to purchase them and even how to farm them ourselves.

So Let’s get right to it.

What are Micro Greens Veggies

Yes you say, what are Micro Greens? Well I will tell you what they are not and that is a Sprout.

When I learned that I was a little skeptical like I just knew the researchers were wrong. I have purchase them in the store , and it said Micro greens sprouts on it. Aha! so am I right?


There is a difference in the Sprout and the Micro Green Veggie Sprout. Actually there are several verities of them.

Here is a list of a few :

  • brocolli
  • arlugula
  • bean spouts
  • cilantro
  • red cabbage
  • kale

Yep there I go learning something knew and interesting.

Sprouts have stems and seeds and don’t come in such a variety of flavors. Micro greens are mostly roots with tiny buds on top. With very strong flavors.

My first time eating them I was challenged into it buy a friend who said that they tasted great. However, I was more concerned with having a stomach ache from eating not fully grown veggies. Boy was I grateful to feel like I was floating on air when I ate them, that was probably because of the nutrients in them.

How good are they for us

According to the Department of Nutrition and Food Science, University of Maryland….” “micro greens may indeed have particularly high nutritional value compared to mature vegetables.” You can google it and read more of what they are saying about them. Other researchers online speak of the (micro) vegetables that are intensely colored have the most nutritious value.

These are known to have a number of vitamins in them at this stage of growth including ,acerbic acid or vitamin C, vitamin E, K and beta carotene a vitamin A precursor.

There are actual tests proving such things. When I researched I found that red cabbage, cilantro, and doikon radish had the highest concentration of these vitamins. Even though most if not all of them have at least five times the level of this that their mature plant parents.

Truly an impressive resume’ I think for a veggie lover looking for a verity of you know, ways to eat veggies. You can fill you bland spinach salad with a mix of these and send your taste buds on a journey to veggie land and it will still be mostly green. All this while hipping up the nutritional substance in each mouth full.


How to purchase Micro Green Veggies

To tell the truth, you probably need to read little about this like you just did, before you go a purchase some of these awesome veggies. You really can’t find them any were they are a specialty food but becoming mainstream soon so look out for them in you local farmers market or health food store.

For now you will need to do a search for them online. I did one and found a website call true leaf market. They have several selections of seeds and or seedlings and you basic salad mix of micro green seeds and sells them ready to eat. It is defiantly worth a google to find some highly recommended ones .

I get mine from the local farmers co-op. I found that there are farms that are dedicated to growing and selling only micro greens .

You should purchase seasonal micro greens to get the valued nutrients.

Farming your own Micro Green Veggies

I am not going to pretend to be an expert in this I can share what I did uncover in my search .

Like this, did you know that sprouts are soaked in water for up to 8 hr. that drained which has the potential of developing bad bacterial so it has to be re soaked in water consistently.

So it goes without saying one would really need to read up on this before taking on a personal farming of micro green veggies.

With that said I did read up on it and so far its better for me, anyways to stick to the purchase of them. The one already in a container that needs to be nurtured like you are growing them yourself.

Why go through all the other, buying trays, hydroponic grow pads, wow what is that? Seed purchasing, monitoring the water and the soil health.

But hey, if that is something you would like to do go for it. You can just buy a kit from some place like true leaf market.

I have never purchased anything from them they are just an example of what you can find online when you google Micro Green growing supplies .

I would cut out all of this and just buy the whole plant and you’ll have a week to start eating it. In the meantime you will have to let it mature to the given time said on you care package. Kind of like farming it rights. No. Okay. Well ill admit it, I am not the farmie type. I want it all ready form me so I can pluck it and eat and enjoy.

Enjoy your Micro Green Veggies

All said and done what really matters is that you get some of these green micro veggie in your veggie food chain. I have stir-fried them well, only after the stir-fry is done of course and threw them on top to add a nutty flavor. Add them to your favorite salad to sweeten it up or add a nutty flavor maybe you need a boost of strong greens to fire up your smoothie. Which ever you decide I am confident you will enjoy it.

Lets face it kiddo you ain’t getting any younger waiting around, just do it like you did when you decided to go ahead and eat more green veggies.

You can go on down to your nearest farmer co-op and pick up some, ask questions they will tell you all about how they farm it and what taste great with what they sure are a chatty bunch .

I think they will assist the adventurist farmer in you to start your very own little Micro green veggie farm. You know what I am doing, sticking to the ready to eat in a few days one.

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