Healthiest Green Salad

Oh good we are going to talk about my favorite meal green salad.

broccoli salad
broccoli salad( not my favorite but still goody)

You see, I told you in my last post that I really liked grilled chicken leg, thigh quarters but it has to have a good green with it. I believe the healthier food you can eat is the green salad. It does everything for you. The other foods that you can add to it are limitless.

Talking about making the healthiest green salad is probably a challenge for you but not for me I can dream up so many variations. We Will get into that latter but for now let’s just start with the average green salad what is in it and why that is, of we can move on to the fun of making the healthiest green salad.

What is a Green Salad

To be honest, a green salad is just a bunch of leafy greens in a bowl.

It can have different types of leafy greens in it like dark lettuce or spinach, you can put kale or other lettuces in it. I have used leaves of beets and use arugula lettuce for a peppery flavor. Rice and bean

Greens like mustard, collard, turnips cut up in strips are okay, any ways we are moving away from the basic when you start adding these other kinds of leafy greens to the mix.

Salads are favorites

Salads are favorites around the world right next door in Mexico we can enjoy the famous Taco Salad. Taco Salads have different mix to it of the American leafy green salad.

You will settle down with a couple of fish tacos and a tortilla fried into a bowl layered with pinto beans, Spanish rice, maybe some meat of your choice and a scoop of guacamole, sour cream, pico de gio and of course hot peppers sprinkled on top of a bed of lettuce oh yes the famous Mexican cheese tops it off.

We have Italian famous salads to I like the noodle salad with vinaigrette on it. On a bed of noodle you’ll have some arugula lettuce finely chopped garlic and onion with Parmesan cheese and a chicken breast cubed.

I am sure you may have had the Greek Salad at a restaurant if not you should, usually a spring mix of leafy greens and the goat cheese, olive oil, minced garlic and onion and a vinaigrette . Here in this Greek salad we tomatoes, Artichoke, Feta cheese Black olives,Squash and red onion. Looks like their going to use fresh squeezed lemon for dressing.These are just a few to give you a clue of how much we as humans love salads.chopped-Greek-Salad

It is fair to say the healthier is the green salad let me explain why.

Health Benefits

You got it, it’s the health benefits that make it the best.

What kind of health benefits are there? Here I’ll list them

  • lower cholesterol
  • lower blood pressure
  • increased energy
  • clearer thinking
  • hair and finger nail growth
  • healthier skin
  • regular digestion/BM’s

I know that there are more benefits but those are the ones that I can express because I have experience the effects from eating this way. Also, I did not get them just with the Salad eating because our foods don’t grow with a lot of the phyto-nutrients that used to be in them decades ago, so like many of us I use a supplement

Now you don’t have to be a vegetarian to get these benefits, I eat 7-8 cups a day easy pea-sy.

So, my Dr, that I follow in my lifestyle suggest that I eat 7-8 cups of leafy greens daily and the right amount of meats and fruit to. Notice I didn’t mention bread is salad with out bread. Dead? Nope. My cheese and or nuts that takes the place of it.

Okay we need to talk about the bread just real quick.

Ah! I love bread it’s is THE FAVORITE food for me, however wheat is not the same anymore and my body will not digest it well. I bloat like a balloon,the sugar makes me sluggish, and I’m sleepy like I ate a Whole Turkey leg I could go on but I won’t. There It’s been said I stay away from bread. Every once in a “blue moon” I’ll bake a non wheat loaf bread or purchase a sprout bread not wheat sprout.

Did I just rant on you.  Sorry. It is frustrating not to enjoy this wonderful food from heaven.


My Healthiest Green Salad

Okay I’v kept you away far to long now here is my salad recipe:

  • 1 bag of spring kale mix (arugula in the mix)
  • 1 whole avocado ripe and chopped small cubes
  • 1 tbl.ea. chi seed, sunflower seeds
  • 1/2 cp of mixed nuts ( walnuts, cashews, almond) chopped
  • 1 cp meat of choice ( I usually have chopped chicken)
  • 1/4 cp real beacon bits
  • 1tsp of Asian salad dressing
  • 1/4 tsp Himalaya salt
  • a dash of garlic powder( or 1 crushed pod of garlic)

In large Salad bowl and yes there is such a thing as large salad bowls for those of us who eat a salad for a meal open and put in the bag of spring kale mix add all the other ingredients toss and serve.This is one meal for me I can eat 2 big salads like this a day;you see that’s my trick in eating 7-8 cups a day, the smoothie. The bag has 4-5 cp in it and I put 1- 2 cups in the smoothie.

It can be a 2-3 serving. You can dress this simple salad up with 1 of each or mix them , berries,apples, oranges, pears, peaches, kiwi, mango.

The secret is out!

Now you know something about making a good tasting and filling salad a meal all bay itself.You can probably go into your kitchen and use what ever salad bag or lettuce and make yourself a great salad. You don’t have to use my recipe you can use your very own creation any green leafy veggie.

I hope I have given you some insight of how important eating greens can be this time with a salad. The nutrients in them are depleted however they are still far better for you of fast food or only meat and fried foods.

Go ahead try one of my suggestions and see how you like it I’d love to here what you liked.

You can send me an email with your comments.


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  1. Thank you Nelcea for this wonderful post. Vegetables are very essential for healthy living cos it has a lot of benefits. I will try your recipe, am already salivating. I eat a lot of vegetable salad cos it aids digestion for me. I believe health is wealth.

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