How to eat green veggies – using smoothies

Well here you are. Trying to eat better. Your Dr. is telling you your blood pressure is too high your cholesterol is high and you need to change your diet. Of course you did a search on the internet to get some ideas because let’s face it you cannot put it off any longer. Or maybe you just want to know how to make a delicious green smoothie out of veggies, which ever you come to the right place.

Let me say I’ve been here where you are, procrastinated so long I couldn’t wait any longer I felt sluggish when I was awake t. I could’not stay awake through a whole movie before my brain got tired and drifted into slumber and not sleeping through the night.

I’m not that old some would say I’m in my prime of woman hood.

What was wrong with me?

Where did all my energy go to?

How can I get it back?

well, its really simple, your youthful body grew into a slower moving body. What does that mean I’m not a sci ency person so let’s just say EVERTHING SLOWED down at the cellular level.

No worries there’s hope you can make it start back up daily.

I will give you a secret to help you get back the much-needed energy and clear out the cob webs in the Brian keep up your memory to.

First let me go through the reason why you need these green veggie to begin with. The chlorophyll inside the leaves, trees, any plant for that matter give off carbon dioxide we breathe it in oxygen. This is found in our blood it is the energy train that brings all the nutrients to our brain and our other organs that need it.

So Let’s say that we need energy because we are walking fast just little quickly, and we start to huff and puff for oxygen, however for breakfast we ate a donuts and coffee with more sugar it was so good your favorite ,well not so good for you at this moment because you need the chlorophyll from the green that would have been transferred into oxygen to make more energy right now. Instead, you have to SLOW DOWN.

Your brain is using more energy to search for it while you catch your breath and that’s when it found it. But you feel sluggish and tired you look for a pace to sit or just want to go home and sleep.

Okay you got it.

How to make a Green Veggie Smoothie

  • vegetables
  • fruit.
  • Honey or a natural sweetener
  • chia seeds
  • green food supplement

These are my quick go smoothie ingredients that I add everything else to.

The green veggies i’m speaking of here is the kale, raw spinach leaves, celery, bet leaves. You can mix these around for literally thought out the month try on each week until you get one you really like and then stick to that. you can literally eat one type of green veggie all the time it’s totally up to you.

Now the fruits are a little different some are bitter or sweet and bitter and we will get into that a little later but for now here are the fruits I’ve come to appreciate in a smoothie like this ; apple,banana, berry mix of blue berry-black berry- acacia berry, straw berry, kiwi,mango, pine apple.

The supplement I use is the secret for sending the nutrients of these foods into the blood where I need them to go to be used like my Brian wants.

You go to put the combination of these into a blender of your choice and blend for at least 3 minutes.


Choosing the correct combination for taste

Okay the perfect combination is the trick to any good smoothie .

  • 2 cups of your greens
  • a sprinkle of mixed berry( 8-10 )
  • a whole sweeter fruit
  • 1/4 teaspoon chia
  • 1tbl spoon honey
  • 4 capsule of supplement
  • 2-3 cups water
  • blend for 3 minutes and enjoy
  • This will make 12-16 oz. depending on how much liquid you add.

My favorite Green Veggie Smoothie

  • 2 cup. kale or spinach I like them both
  • 1 banana
  • sprinkle of mixed berry
  • 1/4 tsp chia
  • 1tbl spoon honey
  • 2-3 cups almond milk
  • 4 capsule of supplement

Adding a Supplement

The supplement is key. This is a whole food Micro Algae found in the great Klamath Falls Lake in Oregon. The lake if feed by a volcano basin up north of the lake. Every day its feed nutrients a thousand of years old bringing the oldest live micro nutrients to feed the Aphaninzonmenon Flos-aquae ( edible micro algae) growing in the klamath Lake.

This deep green veggie is full of the chlorophyll ,phytonutrients, carotnoids and polyunsaturated fatty y acids, you know the omega-3 you need to consistently bring energy to your brain. Adding it to your smoothie is the secret to maintaining the brain activity you want.

Oh did I mention that my Dr. told me that my blood pressure is like a youth and my cholesterol level is down to normal that was only a month in between appointments! I have been eating this way for 4 yrs. And I have’not been this happy with my health since I was in high school.

Eating your Green Veggies using smoothies

As far as the smoothie goes you and anything you want in reason. It’s all about the green veggie combination of nutrients. Be assured the Micro supplement I use is excellent in providing those nutrients you need .The supplement is called Micro Ahpanizonmenon flos-aquae AFA for short or simply micro green algae.



For the supplement go



7 comments on “How to eat green veggies – using smoothies

  1. I’m really glad I found this. I just put my foot down with myself today over not taking my wellness seriously. Seasonal depression caught up to me last month and while I know on paper some of the things I need to do to improve my situation, I’m not taking action and I’m making excuses.

    You have shown me getting in some healthy vitamins and minerals in the form of fruit & veggie smoothies is not that difficult. A healthy diet is the best medicine. I am going to create a plan this weekend for my wellness, and smoothies will make my plan as a healthy snack.

    1. Thank you Holly. You are the type of person I am hoping to help. Really anyone should be able to enjoy eating and being healthy shouldn’t be scary right..

  2. Thanks for sharing this article on how to eat vegetables with smoothies. Vegetables are really nutritious to the body and maintain a better health. I have not tried your vegetable smoothies but I appreciate you listing your recipes and steps to make the green veggies. I need to have taste of it.  I have bookmarked this page for your future post. 

  3. This is a great and simple to follow guide on how to eat green veggies. You laid it all out clearly and showed examples that helped emphasize your various points. This guide will be very useful for me.

    The ingredients are easy to make and also not too expensive to purchase.

    I have bookmarked the lovely article so I can show it to my team. This will be a subject for professional development meetings we have regularly, and the article will be useful for discussion. Thanks for your effort putting this together, you did well with the subject matter!

    1. Thank you. I really like talking about eating healthy and sharing the experiences I have had learning all about it.

  4. Nice post. Definitely thanks for sharing this with us. Nice way to get the chlorophyll out of the leaves by making smoothies of them. Aging makes it necessary for us to reconsider our diets and make adjustments to fill the lacks that comes with it. In my own experience, my mom would boil the leaves in water until the leaves turn from green to brown. By them all the chlorophyll might have entered the water and them, we drink as tea. Although now through this article, I have learnt a newer and much more nutritious method. Thanks again

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