Is Avocado Brain Food

Hello I hope you are coming a long great with your decision to eat green veggies’. Since you are over 50 or not this is an important choice to have made. You are probably feeling more energetic now maybe close to how you felt in high school. I know if you have not made it that far yet, you are pretty skeptical but believe me give your body time and you will be truly amazed on how it can renew itself given the right nutrients.

With that said let us talk about the Avocado. It is green all the way though except for that large brown seed in the middle. “Ah! Ha!”, you say. ” the Avocado is not a veggie one more I don’t need in my diet!”

Well, yes, but we love it or I should say “I” love it, all of it’s green and the flavor hum mm, not at all like a fruit right. SO just for the fun of it lets say we will adopt it into the veggie family because it fits right in. There are so many things we can do with it and yes you can make it very sweet like its natural cousins the fruits.

Like the veggies’ it has some very profound things it does to our bodies we can check out a couple OK.

How do you eat the Avocado

You start with Carefully place your knife along the length of it and slice all around to meet the other side, pull it apart and you will see a large brown seed. I poke the seed with the tip of my knife and gently pull it out and you are left with the beautiful light green flesh of the avocado.

Now what to do with it. You can slice it while it’s still inside the skin and eat it with a little salt. I will add it to just about anything I want to:

  • salad
  • tacos
  • hamburgers
  • polish sausage with sour Croat
  • dip
  • make an ice cream
  • make a past for face mask
  • mix with coconut oil and ingredients for hair mask
  • it has oil
  • smoothie

These are all forms of protein applications of the Avocado.

What does it do with other foods

We can combine it for maximum benefits with other foods.

Right off the top of my head is the tomato. These two fruit together are a power house of nutrients. Tomato is full of vitamin C, K and potassium along with magnesium, potassium, vitamins C,B-6 and A content of the avocado with the added chlorophyll from the green yes I’d say its packed to the leafs with nutrients .

The avocado has 21 grams of fat in it, what does this mean to you and me ? Avocado can take the pace of other fats for example add it to a salad and have a real balanced meal if you were not trying to eat large amount of meat or any meat. Or if you in need of more fats you will achieve it just by eating this veggie – fruit. There, okay I gave it a new category in the food world. You know I’m just kidding right?

How about avocado and egg plant. Yummy roasted egg plant topped with avocado. You would make this garlic avocado past and put it all over it right of the hot grill.

How does the Avocado Effect our Brian

Naturally you would think that this incredible fruit is going to be great just the way it is. Just wait there’s more.

You see the fat content of the avocado isn’t just for giving you that full feeling. No, but also it is full of the Omega’s. The Omega -3 and omega-6 fatty acids in it. The Omega’s essential fatty acids are known to be beneficial to the immune, cardiovascular, and the nervous systems lower cholesterol and here is the greatest one in my book it helps with balancing mental problems.

With any foods you will need to balance out how much you can eat in a day or week to get the greatest value of the food. 21 grams of this fat in a whole avocado is one serving for me. I usually eat one every other day I also am I adding the other greens and or 2 green smoothies a day.

An Avocado Brian

I will be honest with you years ago when I first started this green veggie adventure I didn’t like avocados, guacamole, green salad about the only thing I did eat green was my mothers family famous mixed cooked greens once in a while. I liked green bean with bacon, onions and patatoes. I have modified that to green beans, onions , bacon and cauliflower. Not that I don’t like potatoes I’ts just that the starch content is a bit much for my weight gain right now in my life.

As you have seen that has changed. The avocado has become one of the most important green I eat next to my kale and the green Algae supplement.

I can say that this green food is the most versatile among my refrigerator green veggies’. I have started sneaking it to my grand son who is only 18 months old. His mother my daughter says he will only eat crackers and chicken nuggets. I just smashed it up and gave it to him, at first he frowned at me that look of ” woman what did you do to me”, and then I scooped up another spoonful to him he waited to see if I was going to proceed, mouth shut. So I turn to the counter and dumped it into the blender and added a banana.

Oh yeah that was sneaky. He gobbled that banana avocado up until it was gone smacking his taunge on his top teeth. I then noticed that he became really alert, watching me do everything as apposed to just sitting and observing he was now following me around and running past me and waiting for me to do whatever it is so he can try to copy it.

I know babies do this but not this one he usually just watches me and eventually he may get up to see what I am doing like oh whatever.

Are you convinced that the Avocado is brain food? You could just try it for yourself if you have then you have an experience.

I truly hope you found this information useful. Remember to try different variation of green veggies’ ad add some green fruits like the veggie-fruit Avocado.

If you have any questions email then to me.

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  1. Nice article. I find it the information to be great. I have Crohn’s disease and avocado is on food that has become a regular for me. I’ve always liked it, but since I can’t have too much meat, like you said, I can get my protein from avocado. I add it to a lot of things, and also, like you said, I eat one about every other day. I usually eat half an avocado a day. I’ve noticed my health improve a lot and have veggies to thank for. For a few months now, I can say that garlic, ginger, spinach, and avocado have become my guts best friends. I didn’t know that avocado is beneficial to the immune system. I was crediting the garlic and ginger this whole time. Glad to know the avocado has been helping too. I had mostly for the taste and protein. Avocado’s are awesome!! I hadn’t thought about giving my baby avocado to try, but not that you mention it, I’m going to definitely try it. Thanks for sharing.

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