Veggies and Keto

There is so much talk on the Internet about the Keto diet. I know I am one of those people who live by ketosis.

Ketosis is the state that you put your body in to burn fat so you can lose weight. However, after you lose that extra fat you may want to be in ketosis periodical to maintain your health benefits that you may have achieved when you consistently were in ketosis.

It is all about what you eat and when you eat to. This blog is not about ketosis it’s about the green veggies you can eat while you live the keto life style. I will share with you some veggie I eat and others that I have not yet tried but intend to.

Just a little blink into my keto beginnings and then we will get into the actual veggies and keto.

How I began Keto

It all started when I was a little girl… Sorry just kidding. It started when I was later in my 40s. I was gaining weight at the speed of light. First my face became round and then my middle would not allow my favorite jeans to button. Soon my whole body was on board the fat ship filling up my curves to become … The Bloat.

To the Dr. office I went seeking the knowledge of the nutritionist. However, my Dr. did not have one employed and suggested that I go walking and eat more green veggies. Well that was really some vague instructions. I followed them to the letter but nothing changed .

Okay jump to 11 yrs. Later and I am searching for a knew healthy way to keep my anxiety down and I find a video on you tube about. . . Keto !

“Well, look at that !” I thought to myself, “a life style of eating veggies, protein and fat. hum.” So I tried it and I love it. I am not perfect at it but what I do is helping me lose unwanted fat and keep down my other health issues to. So how do I do it?

Okay lets talk about that.

Eating my Greens Veggies

Eating green veggies was not a problem at this point but not eating other things like breads and sugars as well as hidden unwanted carbs.

You see without going into the whole keto thing lets say that a person needs to be careful to stay in ketosis. I had to find a way to substitute the bread and the sugar to a healthier bread and sweetener.

This is were my veggies came in. To help curb my carving for sugar I made kale or spinach smoothies.

At first it was a challenge. My body was kicking out all the sugar and my head would clear up like I had a knew spark of life given me and then in a few it would settle down. The bloat is what I noticed first. The kale and a sprinkle of mixed berries a banana I mean a 2-3 cup of kale. Yeah really green, smoothie. I scaled down the kale after a few months .

I eat big bowels of leafy green mixed salad with a couple of boiled eggs in it. Of course, I added other veggies like red bell peppers, yellow peppers, avocado a hand full of real bacon not always these same ones but these were my favorites when I first started.

Other Veggies

Really keeping myself in ketosis was hard at first but when I got used to eating more green veggies I could look for knew ways to eat them.

I have mentioned before in another post how I liked my mother’s mixed greens. So I set out to make my own mixed greens. I included chard, and beet leave and kale along with her mustard, collard and turnip greens. Once I seasoned them and added the bacon I was in a green heaven. The flavors are so amazing you can be so creative with greens .

As an African American we have a meal that consist of mixed greens with hot corn on the cob and dripping butter the meat can be any one of a favorite fried chicken, fish, spicy ribs of the barbecue and some corn bread or home made biscuits don’t forget the mashed potatoes. Yes! All those carbs were so delicious!

Today I do not eat mashed potatoes often maybe in a blue moon. I sub cauliflower for the mashed potatoes and my ribs are not sweet with sugar my fish is broiled I don’t eat corn bread at all or biscuits made with while flour. Oh how I miss those fatty foods. So, once in a long while I’ll treat myself to a good ol’ fat feast. Oh I add more to the fat pile, then I can only eat a small portion anyway.

There are other greens that can be added you my green veggies menu, zucchini , asparagus, broccoli, brussels sprouts olives and any that are not an American traditional green.

Bringing in other veggies to complement

As a child I loved it when I heard my mother inside that kitchen banging around which meant she was getting all her supplies out and ready. She would be calling me to assist in her journey or was it my journey into the world of good smells and tasty treats. Everyone knows the cook gets to taste it first.

My favorite tasting cake batter hence how I became like many of you a sugar alcoholic. Yes I blame it on those wonderful days hot and so good smelling cake baking days with my mother. Love it.

I have learned to substitute white cane sugar with other sweeteners to get that good sweetness I no longer crave anymore. Now I can make zucchini bread using a different flour and lots of eggs. I used to despise Brussels sprouts , today can eat them with cheese and special seasonings mixed in with a good sausage or chicken . You can make a garlic avocado paste and stuff it inside an egg plant with any kind of cheese you like. Yummy. The same with green or red peppers and some scrambled hamburger and sprinkle some chia seeds on the top.

Veggies and Keto

Thanks for coming along on my veggie keto trip. As always I hope you can use some of these tasty ideas in you own journey to eat more green veggies in your life.

Since you can see how I was able to change from my incredible sugar addiction and yes it was very hard. I really felt myself come alive since I am no long trapped in that cycle and poor eating habits. Adding green veggie not only did that but it helped me become more healthy conscience.

My anxiety gets an improvement and my energy rises depending on how much greens veggies I eat.

Email me if you need more ideas or have any question I am sure to respond as soon as I can.

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